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Welcome to   Mid-IR Diode Optopair Group (MIRDOG)

Are you tired of power hungry mid-IR sources?

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Key words:


Mid-IR photodiodes

diode optopairs   

NDIR gas sensing

Evanescent wave on-chip sensors

low temperature pyrometry

portable photoacoustic sensors

thermo-electrically pumped LEDs

linear and matrix PD/LED arrays

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The aim of the group working at the Center for Physics of Nanoheterostructures at Ioffe Institute is to develop and produce single element and matrix mid-IR detectors and radiation sources of negative and positive luminescence for spectroscopic instruments. These are fast response pyrometers, nondispersive (NDIR) analyzers and spectrometers.

The MIRDOG team collaborates with several Ioffe departments and sister companies performing all kinds of semiconductor characterization and manufacturing procedures for diode optopairs and lasers.

Ministry of Science & High Education of Russian Federation, HORIZON 2020 program and private companies involved in gas and oil production and medical instrumentation fund current research projects described in recent publications and patents.


since 15.05.2002