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Some facts from history of mid-IR LEDs and their use in gas analysis


Diode array spectrometer


Diode optopairs for gas sensing in the 3.3-4.3 μm spectral range.


Long path systems


Nondispersive IR analyzers






END USER (source)


InAsSb Diode Optical Pairs for Real-Time Carbon-Dioxide Sensors (Aleksandrov et al, 2018)

DOI: 10.1134/S1063784218090025

Spherical Optoelectronic Sensor for measurement of Methane Concentration in Air  (Kabatsiy et al,  2018) (in Russian)


Mid-infrared absorption spectrometer for multi-species detection using LEDs for space applications (Villar, 2017)


A Light-Emitting Diode- (LED-) Based Absorption Sensor for Simultaneous Detection of Carbon Monoxide and Carbon Dioxide (Thurmond et al, 2016)

DOI: 10.1177/0003702816641261

LED-Absorption-QEPAS Sensor for Biogas Plants (Köhring et al, 2015)


Measurements of Metal Alkylamide Density during Atomic Layer Deposition Using a Mid-  Infrared Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Source (LED36Sr) ( Maslar et al, 2015)


Combustion engine tests (CO2 measurements) ( Yoo et al,  2015) (LED42Sr)

   doi: 10.1366/14-07796

Detection of hydrocarbons evaporated from oil ( Vasilyev, 2012) (in Russian)


Miniaturised photoacoustic  gas sensor based on patented interferometric 

readout and novel photonic integration technologies ( Final report ), 2012

Photoacoustic gas sensing

IR detector for hydrocarbons concentration measurement in emissions
during petroleum and oil products storage and transportation
(Vasilyev 2011)


Low Voltage CO2-Gas Sensor Based on III朧 Mid-IR Immersion Lens Diode Optopairs: Where we Are and How Far we Can Go? (Sotnikova et al , 2010)


Diode optopair gas sensors for CO2 and CO (Sotnikova, 2009)

doi: 10.1117/12.820668

The microprocessor CO2 concentration sensor based on heterostructure optopairs (Avdonkin et al, 2005)


Trace leakage detector - open path analyzer of hydrocarbons ( Lugovskoi et al, 2003) (paper in Russian )

Carbon monoxide analyzer (Chaikina et al, 1993)


Ethanol detection (police alcotester) (PD34Sr)

Moisture measurements ( in Russain and in English)





Liquid analyzer





Radiometric temperature measurements



Pyrometry including low temperature pyrometry (Sotnikova et al )


Radiometric temperature measurements with fibers (Sotnikova et al, 2015)(4.3+3.3 μm duai band PD)


Threshold sensitivity of the mid-IR sensors (Aleksandrov et al, 2015)


Pyrometer Unit for GaAs Substrate Temperature Control in an MBE System (Aleksandrov et al , 2004)









Determining the thermophysical parameters and the pyroelectric coefficient of ferro- and pyroelectric materials (Aleksandrov et al, 2018)(4.3+3.3 μm duai band PD)


Determination of thermal resistance by laser photothermal IR radiometry (Aleksandrov et al, 2018) (in Russian)(4.3+3.3 μm duai band PD)


Time-resolved study of variable frequency microwave processing of silver nanoparticles printed onto plastic substrates (Zymelka et al, 2017)(PD42Sr and PD34Sr)


Use of PD42NB  diode with a spectral sensitivity within the range 3.15 - 4.75 um for spectra recording (Gladilin et al,  2016)


Experimental study of cyclic action of plasma on tungsten (Voronin, 2016)(4.3+3.3 μm duai band PD)


Measurements of metal alkylamide density during atomic layer deposition using a mid-infrared light-emitting diode (LED) source (Maslar, 2015) 




MEDICAL Applications


Capnography, main stream CO2 analyzer  (InAsSb PD and LED)

An Infrared Absorbance Sensor for the Detection of Melanoma in Skin Biopsies (Fioravanti, 2016) (PD34Sr))

Sensors (Basel). 2016

A biopsymeter to support the diagnostic procedure of skin samples (Fioravanti, 2015) ( PD34Sr)

SPIE Proc. Volume 9518

Fiber tip temperature controlling system for fiber output laser modules (Aleksandrov, 2014) (GaSb PD)

ATC - Semiconductor technologies & Equipment, JSC


Flame detection


Determination of Optimum Spectral Ranges of  Flame Radiation Control by Using   Compensation Method of Optical Noise Suppression, (Lisakov et al, 2017)