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Happy moments:

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1998 : the group is celebrating the "reincarnation" of the n-InAs ingot (8 kG holding by B.Matveev) that was shortly cut into the substrates

2001 year was successful for the MIRDOG: the work "Diode optopairs of negative and positive contrast for the 3-6 Ám spectral range" has been nominated as one of the best Ioffe Institute works in 2001

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Science secretary N.Averkiev, director  Zh.Alferov, chief of the competition council A.Kaplyanskii and B.Matveev at the IOFFE scientific council on 29.12.2001

In 2009 the work  "High efficiency LEDs and photodiodes (3-5 um) for gas analyzers" was among the best ones at Ioffe Institute completion.

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N.M. Stus', S.A. Karandashev, A. A. Usikova, N.D. Il'inskaya, B.A. Matveev, M.A. Remennyi, (2010)

In August 2020 the MIRDOG team has celebrated the 15-th birthday of the IoffeLED Ltd. company.


B.A.Matveev,S.A. Karandashev, A. A. Lavrov, A.E.Kornilov,  M.A. Remennyi, R.E.Kunkov, A.A.Klimov (2020)




























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