Ioffe Institute Chamber Chorus was founded in 1978 in St. Petersburg at  Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute - ALMA MATER of Russian physical scholarship of academician A.F.Ioffe. The first conductor was Olga Kucherova, postgraduate of St. Petersburg Conservatory.

      Nowadays choir leader (conductor) is Vera Il'ina - a student of St. Petersburg University of Culture and Arts. The choir contains of about 20 singers; among them are scientists, engineers, teachers and students - all amateur singers joint by love to music.The repertoire consists of well known pieces of European and Russian classical music as well as traditional and modern songs some of them specially arranged for the chorus by professor V.P.Il'in (1930-2006).
      The chorus holds active travel activity with performances in Russia and abroad and has experience of organizing the same for foreign choruses. Chorus events together with concert records are disposed here.


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