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How one can get a device(s) and be happy?

The easiest way is to apply to our distributors:

http://boselec.com/ www.light-all.com www.scitec.uk.com www.roithner-laser.com

However, if you are straight enough and prefer getting the latest designed devices, please,  follow the following steps:

Step 1

Discuss specifications and place a purchase order (PO) to IoffeLED, Ltd. company. Please, note that the MIRDOG is permanently improving device design and new specs are emerging


Get a contract that will be prepared by us on a base of your PO, sign it and send back to IoffeLED, Ltd.. Please, note that existence of two languages in the contract (see the PROFORMA) are important for routine customs and bank procedures in Russia.

Step 3

Ask for the INVOICE and deliver money to our account.

Step 4

Relax and read instructions for the first time user while waiting for the devices that will be shipped via DHL or UPS.

Good luck!

         Dr. Boris Matveev,

Vice director and scientific adviser of the IoffeLED Ltd.

        194064, Russia, St.Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya 28, lit. , sector 21- (office 37)

         Post address:194021, Russia, St.Petersburg, Polytechnicheskaya 26

        SKYPE: boris.matveev
Phone: +7 (812) 292-79-55
        e-mail: bmat@iropt3.ioffe.ru
Web: Boris Matveev