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Upgraded specifications


Innovative step

30 June 2020 LED70 with standard electrical pumping Lower than in OPLED70 bias voltage
21 September 2018 LED19 will be fabricated on special order only  
1 February 2017


New longwave photodiode for λ> 6 μm will appear soon


1 November 2016 Single channel gas sensor head
17 April  2015 new specification for PD modules PDMxx
16 February  2015 PD47 Correction of PD47 specifications
9 February  2015 New product entered production list 64-element  matrixes PD21BS 88 and  PD34BS 88 (chess boards)
9 February  2015 PD47, PD55 New specifications have been issued
20 January 2015 New specifications have been issued LED55
9 December 2014 PD amplifier New specifications have been issued
9 December 2014 New specifications have been issued PDM34, PDM38, PDM42, PDM47, PDM55
8 December 2014 LED29BS, LED38BS, LED47, LED47BS New specifications have been issued
5 December 2014 New specifications for the LEDs emitting at 7 um LED70
30 October 2014 LED42BS,                PD42BS New options of the "small" housing and lenses for the 4.2 um LED/PD.
20 October 2014 Some minor modifications have been made for LED/PD cases See the updated dimensions here
17 June 2014 PDMXXTEC PD modules are now equipped with amplifier, TEC and temperature stabilization controller
1 April 2014 In addition to previous cases  new cylinder case (designation "Cy") for both LEDs and PDs has been  introduced.  
1 April 2014 Two-color PDs simultaneously operating at 3.4 and 4.2 μm bands are now available.
28 March 2014 The LEDs emitting at 7 μm  (the OPLED70IL type) will be equipped with germanium lenses instead of the CdSb ones. Coherently the unit price has been changed. 
24 March 2014

IR image of a 3x3 PD array with 4 elements emitting negative luminescence (NL, blue color) and 5 elements emitting electroluminescence (or "positive" luminescence -PL - red color)

2x2 or 3x3 matrixes with individually addressable PD elements with common cathode are now available.

21 March 2014 Specifications for PD47 and PD55 now include options with TEC as well.

13 January 2014 The vendor has changed designation for TEC. From now all TECs supplied to customers will be of the 1MC06-024-15/1 type.  1MC06-018-15 ---> 1MC06-024-15/1
12 September 2013

LEDs of Sr, Su and TO-8TEC types are described in single file (for 3.6, 3.8 and 4.2 um)
20 May 2013

LEDs 3.4 um are now available with microlenses and parabolic reflectors. Option extension : MiL or PR

14 May 2013

LED30 specifications have been upgraded (Single page for Su/Sr and TEC based options )

Infrared detection modules (PDMXX) constituting of integrated PD and amplifier have been issued.
8 May 2013 All PD specifications have been upgraded


10 April 2013 All TEC based versions will be supplied by sapphire windows. PD27FS, PD33FS, PD41FS and PD52FS have been upgraded.
30 November  2012

New PDs with peak wavelength at 2.7  μm are now available  (with TO-18 and screw cases) 

November 2012

New option with microimmersion lenses  for the broad band photodiodes appeared with peak wavelengths at 3.3, 4.2 and 5.2 μm (the PD33fs miL, PD42fs miL and PD52fs miL respectively).

November 2012

Sr/Su PDs for the 4.2 μm wavelength will have two modifications: with broad and narrow spectral bandwidth.

November 2012  

Amplifier and PD have been integrated into a single case so that it is possible to get now a PD module. Specifications are to appear soon.

November 2012

Implementation of new type of LED chips lead to higher output power in the IRS LED series emitting at 870 nm.

October 2012


The OPLED70 will have the Sr/Su header instead of  the previous TO-39 type of package.

August 2012

Production of  TEC based devices with 16 pins  has been currently terminated and thus these types of devices can be supplied on a limited number basis only. Our current stock contains several 16 pins devices. Please, consult on a particular device type before making an order. We recommend using 12-pins devices.

16  12

July 2011


Production of "Sc" LEDs/PDs  has been currently terminated and thus these types of devices can be supplied on a limited number basis only. Our current stock contains of about 5-50 ps of "Sc"  parts.  Please, follow our new cases for LEDs and PDs.