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High power diode lasers 3300 nm

Powerful diode lasers are realized on the base of InGaAsSb/InAsSbP DH as in the case of single mode lasers. Original technology including growth DH on (111) oriented substrate and Gd-doped active area leads to internal quantum efficiency up to 70 % from broad contact lasers with stripe width w=200 Ám and cavity length L=600-700 Ám.

Lasers exhibit threshold currents Ith=150-200 mA (77 K), pulsed power up to 0.8 W/facet (I=10 A) and cw power of 160 mW (1 A) at 77 K. Radiation spectra are single mode near the threshold and multimode with halfwidth about Dl =0.02 mm at I> Ith +(20-50 mA). Far-field pattern is characterized by FWHM about 400 in both planes. Operation voltage reaches 3 V at 10 A.

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